The Craft

The Troy & Sons Craftbuilding

With elegant bottle designs and sophisticated presentation, Asheville Distilling Company’s whiskey is a craft who’s taste and smell more than match its outer appeal. Our handcrafted American whiskey represent a new step in brewing, with an exceptionally precise distillation process. There is no one secret; every step, from the barrels we choose to the recipes themselves – all deliberately selected for the final batch which you, the drinker, enjoy.

The Ingredientsingredients

The Heritage of both the still and the ingredients can be traced back to the eighteen hundreds. The McEntire family have been cultivating the rare Turkey Red Wheat and White Corn for over two-hundred years. Turkey Red Wheat is a rare grain. Delicate and sweet, yet immensely difficult to grow, if harvested in open pollination, the sweet pollen offers brewers a softer, velvety tone. White corn on the other hand is most significant for being high in fat, yet short of sugar. Grown on the Peaceful Valley Farm, generations of McEntires have sown and harvested these two essential ingredients.

stillThe Distillation Process

Each whiskey’s select old-world ingredients are then brought to the most advanced custom built still to come out of Germany. They are distilled in pure Appalachian Mountain spring water at a precisely controlled one-hundred and eighty degrees. There the vapor is refined through a fantastic twelve plates before it is allowed to drip slowly into the spirit safe, affording it incredible purity and smoothness. The heads and tails are then stripped from it.

mashThe Heads and Tails

The heads are the very first liquids to be distilled, while the tails are the very last. Our whiskeys are strictly made from neither of these, but rather, the pure hearts. Only the hearts have the desired strength and quality to become a full and flavorful whiskey. Smooth, clean and absent of bite, the hearts are exactly what a whiskey connoisseur is looking for. Now it is time for the whiskey to mature.