Lost Since 1840: Crooked Creek Corn

Troy Ball with Crooked Creek CornTrue mountain moonshine is made from corn, and we hunted throughout the WNC mountains for the perfect strain – and found it just a few miles from Asheville. The corn had become virtually extinct everywhere except on the McEntire Farm…believed to be lost from Eastern Tennessee since 1840. Crooked Creek Corn™ is an heirloom open-pollinated white corn that has been grown on the McEntire farm for over one hundred twenty years. Analyzed by researchers at the University of Tennessee, this “lost corn” is an unadulterated, non-genetically modified original American corn, making our moonshine a true American spirit. Each batch of Troy & Sons moonshine is made using Crooked Creek Corn™ and locally milled Southern white corn

Distillers never fail to mention the quality of their water and the importance of this water in making fine spirits. Troy & Sons is situated in the middle of the world’s oldest mountains, and the water from the Blue Ridge Mountains is pristine, pure and plentiful. The abundance of hidden creeks made distilling possible, and early settlers didn’t have to travel far to find free running, wild water that is naturally cold and soft. As we say in the hills, we use the water first. Think about it.

White Corn For Families, Yellow Corn For Animals

Heirloom Crooked Creek Corn

Without a question, white Crooked Creek Corn™ was grown for the family to eat and enjoy. Even through the 1960’s, yellow corn was simply grown to feed animals found on the farm. Cows, pigs, chickens, goats and sheep were fed the lesser yellow corns, while the best gourmet corn of the times was grown exclusively for the family. This delicacy crop was milled to make corn bread, flour, and grits. We’re fairly certain that discerning moonshine makers would have made their personal “keeper” whiskey from white corns too. You can taste the difference. We believe in using the best quality ingredients for our family and friends, just like the McEntire’s have always done. At Troy & Sons, we made the decision to make our whiskey exclusively from white corn. It doesn’t just make us different, it makes our whiskey great.

McEntire Farm

Troy (05.12)-151McEntire Farm is a special place. It’s not just the beauty of the landscape, the rich history, and the family that calls it home. There’s something about the land. We experimented with batch after batch of corn, and knew we’d found something truly wonderful when we distilled with Crooked Creek Corn. Working with John McEntire, we’ve since contracted with other farmers to grow our special corn. Turns out that Crooked Creek Corn is kind of picky about where it’s grown. Experienced farmers around NC planted our heirloom corn, but it just didn’t taste the same. We came back and found farms in our mountain ridges that shared the cool nights and warm, but not too hot, days of summer, farms like the one John McEntire’s family has cared for over generations. We found land that holds a special place in the hearts of those who work it. Because there really is no place like home.

Great Balls Of Fire

Moonshine has a reputation of burning a path down your throat – like great balls of fire. That’s the cheap stuff, made in a hurry to sell to outsiders, and sure to turn a good night into a bad idea. Old timers kept their best whiskey for themselves and this white spirit was often of remarkable quality. At Troy & Sons, we produce “Keeper” whiskey, true small batch handcrafted spirits that any credible moonshiner would drink himself.