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Weathering the Storm

Weathering the Storm Troy & Sons

After a busy start to the summer, Charlie and I decided to head up to Canada to relax and enjoy some peaceful time together. With our impeccable timing, we arrived a few days before Hurricane Arthur, one of the worst … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day

The Ball Family

I hope everyone enjoyed a very happy Father’s Day.  It is a more complicated day for many of us.I lost my dad more than twenty years ago, and still miss him immensely. He was the single greatest influence on my … Continue reading

Troy & Son’s Launches In Chicago, Illinois

Charlie and Troy at Lillie Q's in Chicago, IL

Chicago is a town that embraces authenticity.   From the finest of fine dining, to the “diviest” of “dive bars,” Chicago is recognized globally as a top dining and drinking destination.   This town also LOVES craft whiskey.   When Forbes magazine was … Continue reading

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