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Happy Father’s Day

The Ball Family

I hope everyone enjoyed a very happy Father’s Day.  It is a more complicated day for many of us.I lost my dad more than twenty years ago, and still miss him immensely. He was the single greatest influence on my … Continue reading

Troy & Son’s Launches In Chicago, Illinois

Charlie and Troy at Lillie Q's in Chicago, IL

Chicago is a town that embraces authenticity.   From the finest of fine dining, to the “diviest” of “dive bars,” Chicago is recognized globally as a top dining and drinking destination.   This town also LOVES craft whiskey.   When Forbes magazine was … Continue reading

Troy and Sons Seen On the Today Show

Troy Ball Today Show

Can you believe it?! The Today Show aired the story on our distillery and family this morning. What an exciting day it was filled with comments, support and new fans on Facebook & Twitter. Who knew the phone would ring so much. The website even went … Continue reading

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